Art studio “BRIGITA” provides an opportunity to “bring the moment to a stop" and preserve your memories for years to come.
There are numerous means to make your home beautiful and cozy nowadays: wall paintings, sculptures; family relics; or decorative moulds, which our establishment offers. The moulds we produce may be placed on a trivet or in an artistic frame.
  In Europe the fashion on decorative crafts was introduced by America. It has been half-a-century since such crafts became family relics in the West.
Our products are hand-made souvenirs and are manufactured in single specimen. They are unique and inimitable.  Moulds - are exclusive gifts, which carry soul warmth, love and kindness! 
This kind of gift is suitable for any kind of celebration. It is a high class unusual and unique souvenir; novelty in the field of unusual gifts; know-how of the souvenir and gift services. Our sculptors work will turn the interior of your house into one of its kind.
  Surprise your relatives, close friends and colleagues and make them happy by presenting them an absolutely new kind of art.
Designed by Studio Brigita
Created by Azazzzello
Kaxi Kavsadze Vaja Azarashvili Jemal & Lena Gaganidze
Kaxi Kavsadze Vaja Azarashvili Jemal & Lena Gaganidze
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